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A Japanese high school girl who has lost her smile.

Her aunt lives in San Diego on the west coast of the United States.

From visiting "5958 Roanoke TACOS" was born.

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5958 Roanoke TACOS  "Season 7" 

(Regular Golden Week event

Consecutive Japanese holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May)


Open for 10 days only

from April 27th to May 6th, 2024

Opening hours are 12:00 to sunset


Address : 1F Iijima Bldg. 1-8-7, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


⚫︎ In front of Exit No.2, Yoyogi-Koen Sta. / Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line ⚫︎ 4-minute walk by Yoyogi-Hachiman Sta. / Odakyu Line  

Phone:03 5453 8518 ​​

Fashion Code: Casual

Products and prices are subject to change.

B r a n d  S t o r y

Aunt "Kayoko" in front of her house at San Diego.

The store name comes from this address.

Rena and her cousins in the summer of 1982

Chef Rena Funaba learning traditional cuisine

In Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, where Mayan cuisine remains strong

This is a story set in the summer of 1982.

Rena (later known as Chef Rena) has become fed up with everything, and her family and friends are worried about her, but she shows no signs of getting better. During summer vacation, she receives a plane ticket to San Diego from her parents and visits her aunt's house.


Her aunt was a fashion leader and a big fan of America. She was also a popular, beautiful bartender who catered to the American soldiers stationed in Yokosuka. She married one of her fans and moved to the suburbs of San Diego, where the US Navy base is located. She was blessed with three children and lived a happy, if not luxurious, life.


This is the clear blue sky and blue sea of ​​the American West Coast. The strong sunlight and dry air wrap Rena in a refreshing and comfortable way. But every day, Rena climbs onto the roof, looks out at the street alone, and sheds tears at the setting sun.


The latest American hits are playing on the radio.

Homemade cookies bought at the church bazaar.

BBQ parties are held in the gardens of neighboring houses.

Rena has lunch with the Hispanic and African-American children in the neighborhood who adore her kind aunt.

Rena gradually begins to feel better.

One day, her aunt invites her on an excursion to Tijuana, Mexico, near San Diego.

Tijuana is a cheap city, so it's a great place for her aunt to shop for her family's finances.

Her aunt drives a big American-made car without air conditioning through the midsummer wilderness, gripping the wheel tightly. Dust comes in through the car windows, and Olivia Newton-John's song "Physical" plays on the car radio.

The two cross the border. Her aunt warns Rena, "We'll get shot, so close the window quickly!"

When they arrive in Tijuana, the atmosphere of the town is very lively. Mariachi and salsa music reverberates on the streets, and souvenir shops line the streets. Rena's eyes widen when she encounters a donkey loaded with luggage. The market is full of energy, with Spanish being spoken everywhere. Hanging chickens and large chunks of raw meat, colorful vegetables, edible cacti, and everyday items piled up in huge quantities that I have never seen before. The surprising scenery continues in a foreign market.

Rena has been good at cooking since she was a child and already had a repertoire of over 100 dishes at this time. What caught her eye was a bicycle food stall. Rena was interested in what an old man who seemed to be the owner of the stall made skillfully. "It's called Tacos. But you can't eat them because they will upset your stomach," her aunt warned. However, Rena sneakily eats the tacos without her aunt's eyes. She opens her mouth wide and is shocked by the taste that sparkles like a kaleidoscope. For Rena, it was a taste she had never experienced before.

After returning to Japan, Rena visits import food stores around Yokohama to make Tacos. At that time, Tacos were not yet known in Japan. She gradually buys spices and herbs. However, she couldn't find any tortillas. Rena was in trouble, but she came up with the idea of ​​using saffron rice instead of tortillas, and created an original dish called Tacos Rice (✳︎). She then served it to her family and friends.


A decade later, Rena has grown up and become a professional chef, working in the kitchen of CARIMELLO in Shibuya, Tokyo, as one of the founding members. The restaurant, which started with Tacos Rice, quickly became popular, but Rena, who was obsessed with the appeal of food around the world, traveled to more than 50 countries for various reasons, and evolved the restaurant into a high-end borderless restaurant.

Golden Week (Consecutive Japanese holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May) in Tokyo is sunny and the weather is like early summer. The dry air reminded Rena of her experiences in San Diego and Tijuana, and motivated her to recreate those flavors.


(✳︎) Tacos Rice: A dish created by Rena in the fall of 1982 based on her experience in Mexico. It was one of the most popular dishes when CARIMELLO was first established, but it is no longer served at CARIMELLO. Instead, it is supported by food at "5958 Roanoke TACOS" during Golden Week only. It is a different dish from the “taco rice” that originated in Okinawa in 1984.

Tomatoes, corn, chili peppers, and cacao are indispensable modern food ingredients, but they originate from Mexico. These ingredients spread throughout Europe and the world during the Age of Discovery. Mexican cuisine also has its origins in the ancient Mayan civilization, and is one of the most popular cuisines in the gourmet scene, having been registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2010.


Chef Rena Funaba and I have been working together for about 30 years, and every time we work on a new dish, I am impressed by her outstanding taste and advanced cooking techniques.

I believe that the reason her taste is described as “tastier than the local taste, the local taste'' is due to her deep respect for tradition, her sharp intuition, and her passion. She is never at the mercy of fads or trends, and her attitude of highlighting ``traditional cuisine is the crystallization of the wisdom of nature and humanity'' is what interests not only me, but also chefs around the world. She has a delicate personality and a special ability to please people with her taste, and she is a person who is attracting attention not only from the food and beverage industry, but also from innovators in all fields.

As she opens "5958 Roanoke TACOS," I would like to express her gratitude to all the people who have kindly watched over her experiences and supported her growth.

My dream is that the happiness she experienced on her travels will spread to many people across time and space.                           At spring 2018   Owner Daihachi Sato

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==== Music by DJ Wantee ====

Special supporter makes emergency visit to Japan!

Featuring the popular DJ dog Wantee, he will liven up the store with hip and cool music.

DJ Wantee: Born in Edinburgh and raised in Shibuya. A popular DJ with a deep knowledge of all kinds of music, he is active in famous club events around the world. He has an open-minded spirit and is a master DJ who has many top DJs under his wing. Recently, he has contributed to the protection and dissemination of traditional music of the Lao people of Laos. He has been creating other-dimensional music by using AI to fuse the sounds of sneezes from around the world with the sounds of space, which has become a hot topic. He is an advisor to chefs.

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